Dig for Treasure in the Mines of Donkeys

Dig for Treasure in the Mines of Donkeys Miner Donkey Trouble is a new slot machine from Play’n GO that will convince everyone who believed the gem-collecting genre had gotten stale that they were wrong. This is a superb game thanks to its engaging story, hilarious writing, and plethora of fun mechanics. Let’s take a deeper dive into this fascinating new slot machine and see how it can help you win up to 10,000 times your initial wager.

Short Trip Gone

Five reels and seven rows make up the grid in Miner Donkey Trouble. The grid is shown in a stunningly drawn and atmospherically lit cavern in the center of an abandoned mine. On the other side of the enormous grid is the Miner’s trusty donkey, and to the right of the grid is the Miner with his pickaxe.

The donkey is as frustrated as they come since he accidentally moved to the wrong side of the grid. The right-hand miner must now try to free his pet by breaking through the grid slab that stands between them. Naturally, he’ll win a lot of money and precious stones in the process.

The grid’s symbols, as well as the rest of the visuals, are sharp and bright. Main symbols are a Miner’s Pickaxe, a Diamond Wild, a Golden Nugget, and a Dynamite Scatter, while secondary symbols include four types of rock and four types of gems.

To win a prize, you must get a cluster of five or more identical symbols in a row, and the larger the cluster, the higher the payout. After a winning cluster has been paid out, the symbols in that cluster will vanish and be replaced by new symbols falling from above.

Donkey Destroyer Function

There’s a carrot meter over the left-hand donkey, and three carrots below it. The meter will fill up proportionally to the number of symbols in each winning cluster. When the meter is full, one of the three carrots will glow. Donkey Destruction will be activated at the level indicated by the number of lit carrots.

With the first carrot, the donkey will clear the grid of all rocks; with the second, he will clear the grid of all rocks and gems; and with the third, he will clear the grid of all rocks and jewels but leave behind all of the Golden Nuggets, plus add five more to the grid.

Added Gold Bar Function

The Multiplier basket on the right will collect Golden Nuggets as they fall to the bottom row of the grid. The active multiplier rises by 1 for every nugget in the basket. The multiplier will continue to increase for as long as the current spin is active, but will reset itself before the next spin begins.

Equipment for Mining: Pickaxe

If a pickaxe appears in a tumble, the miner will add four to ten diamond wilds to the board at the end of the current spin. This allows the winning streak to go on for an even longer period of time.

Increased Size of Symbols

Any spin has a chance of activating this bonus feature. When this feature is activated, the reels will feature one or two oversized symbols. These can be any type of rock, gem, or wild and can range in size from 2×2 to 4×4.

Benefit of Free Turns

If you happen to land a dynamite scatter on the board, it will explode, destroying any and all adjacent symbols. If you are lucky enough to land three scatters, you will enter the Free Spins bonus round and be awarded with five free games. That may not seem like much, but free spins can be retriggered up to 20 times, and the active multiplier can keep increasing right up until the round ends.

Let’s Roll Around on the Floor!

The slot machine game Miner Donkey Trouble has an odd name, but other from that, it’s perfect. It boasts a clever plot that is expertly carried out, gameplay that is both deep and varied, and bonus elements that are each well worth unlocking. The slot is even more entertaining because to the lively bluegrass music that plays in the background as you mine.

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